oh no… still in Alamogordo!

rainy days in Alamogordo

So we checked out of our Alamogordo hotel late Monday morning, on faith that the part for our RV would be delivered and installed before the shop closed at 5pm. At 12:30 we heard the part had indeed arrived, but the mechanic was at lunch. While we waited, we spent the afternoon driving around / parking in the Honda, trying to stay cool since we no longer had a hotel room to return to. The only highlight was a brief walk to check out a nice viewpoint at Desert Foothills Park, where we could see the white sands in the distance as a white line on the horizon.

Finally, just before the shop closed, we discovered the wrong part had been shipped and it would not fit! The shop had been working all afternoon to locate the correct part. So… back to the hotel we went – where they very kindly rearranged things to put us back in the same room for two more nights. (Krista at the front desk and I have declared ourselves new best friends because I’ve been in the office so many times.) One bonus – as an extended stay hotel, maid service is only available on request, and is an extra fee – but we found the workaround, LOL, because after we’d checked out, they’d cleaned our room.

The correct part arrived Tuesday and was installed, but unfortunately did not resolve the problem. So we had to bite the bullet and have them replace the injectors – a very pricey fix – but one that will insure the engine really runs well. But that also meant we’d still be stalled in Alamogordo until Saturday morning! The hotel staff are all starting to feel sorry for us – on Wednesday morning when I added two more nights at the hotel, the manager waived half of the pet fee, and then that evening when I went back in to add Friday night as well, they waived the pet fee altogether.

We spent the rest of our week discovering new places to explore – we drove up into the hills to investigate the view from the expensive homes, saw a few dust storms, and took a road trip (including 4 miles on a crazy deserted unpaved road – thanks a lot, Google maps) to the old Sunspot Observatory. Such amazing scenery!! The rain rolled in while we were walking around the observatory, but the view was so beautiful it made up for the wet ride home. On Thursday Deron checked out a local coffee shop that roasts their own beans – it was yummy!

Sadly, on Friday afternoon we got word that the mechanic was ALMOST done installing the injectors, but that he’d still need to work on programming them on Monday. We were SOOOO disappointed. Once again, I added three more nights to our hotel stay, and we prepared for yet another weekend trapped in this town – this time forecasted to be a wet, muddy weekend with flash flood warnings. The dogs are going to be very sad to miss their trips to the dog park, but there’s no way we’re letting them loose in what is sure to be a mud bog at this point!

We spent a lot of time Friday night talking and praying about this prolonged delay and all the extra money we’re spending. Thankfully, when we finally fell asleep, it was with a great deal more peace – we are well aware that this is just a blip on the radar and someday we’ll laugh about the Groundhog Day feeling of being trapped in this little town for days on end.

We’re really looking forward to having actual travel news to share in next Saturday’s blog post!

praise & prayer

One thing from Mark’s message has stuck with me all week: “my doubt doesn’t change the character of God.”

Whenever I’m tempted to think maybe God isn’t paying attention to our dilemma, or doesn’t care, I remind myself that my perspective is completely different than His, and I remember Isaiah 55:9 “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts.”

We have no idea (and may never have) why we’ve had all these complications. But we don’t need to know why as long as we know that God is walking through them with us.

prayer requests:

We’re still waiting on the insurance company to determine if they’ll cover the towing cost, and we have some decisions to make regarding the direction we travel after Texas.

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

current learning curve
  • Trusting God with EVERYTHING means letting go of expectations.
  • We can plan our route as much as we want; however, the mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.
travel teasers – what’s next?

Carlsbad Caverns (still)

Magnolia Farms (still)

Ark Encounter in Kentucky?

Tennessee Safari Park?

Nashville/ Franklin/ Gatlinburg?

7 thoughts on “oh no… still in Alamogordo!

  1. How have I only seen chapter 1 and then this chapter 4?

    Where is the website to read through all of them?

    Stephanie 310-409-3322



    1. Thanks Aunt JoAnn! The way our timing is working out it may be a while before we get to visit the Dallas area, but I’ll for sure let you know when we’re on our way!


  2. At this point you can probably call yourselves “locals”. ☺️

    I love how God is speaking to you both through all of this and despite the temporary halt in your travels, you still choose to be adventurous. Love the pics.


  3. Hey you guys,

    Thanks for the adventure updates! We love you! (Btw, we will be streaming a prayer meeting at 4pm our time today if you want to join us.)

    61 baptisms this weekend – biggest ever by far!


    1. Thanks Kevin!
      We love and miss you guys! We’ll try to join in the prayer meeting if we have WiFi available at that time.
      I’m so bummed the baptism isn’t online! We watched first service so we missed it.


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