AZ to OC

fun times w/the bestie!!

This was for sure a more laid-back week than last week! From Gallup, New Mexico, we headed into Arizona through the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest (yes, we’ve already been there but chose that route just for scenic and time-wasting purposes – now that we have our National Park pass, it’s free!) to stay in Holbrook for a couple uneventful days, and then on to Phoenix for our leveling system installation. It was cool to watch the landscape change from flatlands with giant rock formations, to pine-covered mountains, to saguaro-covered hills, and then to downtown Phoenix skyline all in one short trip. (Side note: we really liked the look of the little mountainy town of Heber-Overgaard we passed through – maybe we’ll come back someday and see if we’d like to live there???)

On Tuesday we found out that, unfortunately, the leveling system wasn’t going to be delivered in time for our Wednesday appointment with the mechanic, and we already have paid reservations from here to Portland and back again, so we had to postpone the repair to later in November – but the upside was that we were able to spend an extra night parked at the Christensen’s beautiful new AZ home. Laura and I had fun catching up during a pedicure and shopping while Jamie kept Deron company as he repaired the Honda’s parking brake, and we all enjoyed several delicious home-cooked meals together, along with Rylan and Elias and all five pups (Brynn and Hooley loved playing with Trixie, Andrew and puppy Carl).

This weekend we’re hanging out at the Colorado River in Blythe, CA, before we head to Orange County. It’s much hotter here than we’re used to at this point, and crazy full of mosquitos, so we’ll probably just enjoy the A/C in the RV while we catch up on laundry, groceries, bill-paying, blah, blah, blah. It’s weird to be in California again – already seeing so much more mask-wearing and lots of shut-down businesses. So sad!

praise & prayer

We would love it if you would please join us in praying for our country – that we would seek truth over comfort, unity in Christ over division, justice rather than complacency, peace rather than antagonism, and love for one another over self-interest. In our nomadic world of poor cell coverage and iffy Wi-Fi, we don’t have great access to current events, but what we do hear is so disheartening. We so very much need Jesus!

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