practicing patience

enjoying a beautiful day!

Not much to report, and not many pics this week, but rumor is the mechanic is making progress on diagnosing the oil leak – and he says otherwise the RV engine is running great!

In the meantime, we’re enjoying San Diego, practicing patience while we wait 🙂

This week we…

  • Heard a great message at Foothills Church
  • Watched students from Deron’s old small group and my old math class graduate from Foothills Middle School
  • Enjoyed a beautiful day at Flinn Springs Park celebrating nephew Jamin’s (aka Sonic’s) 5th grade promotion from Rios Elementary School
  • Caught up with old coworkers and helped with some Rummage Sale and Future Quest details at Foothills Youth Office
  • Breakfasted at Omelette Factory and enjoyed catch-up time with a sweet friend
  • Visited Rob’s Brewpoint for some delicious coffee and conversation with another great friend
  • Played many games of Boggle 🙂

All the while we’re so blessed to be staying in a wonderful, peaceful, super-conveniently-located home! Hopefully next week we’ll have more details on the length and breadth of our leak repair.

the pups are loving life in our temporary home

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