whoa! more Honda woes

After a great weekend including a poker game, an inspiring message at church, a fabulous Father’s Day dinner at Oyster & Pearl with Deron’s dad and stepmom, and a super fun housewarming dinner, we ran into (literally) another vehicle-related snafu, this time in the Honda.

Late Monday night on the freeway, we suddenly saw a cinder block right in the middle of our lane, and the only thing Deron could do was drive over it. We heard a huge CRUNCH and immediately smelled burning oil. We limped slowly over to Honda of El Cajon and found that the block had cracked our oil pan. So we dropped the keys in their drop box with a note and said good night to Mr. Honda.

our poor Honda has a big owie

God was looking after us: we were rescued and driven home by our besties (even though one of them was already in bed when we called), and the generous friends who are already lending us their house promptly offered to let us drive their extra car as well.

Tuesday we made a point to get our minds off of the craziness by enjoying another drive-in movie. Once we got situated, we realized we were parked right in front of a good friend. She hadn’t even noticed us, because we weren’t in our CR-V with the Texas plates, LOL.

Final vehicle news of the week – the replacement oil pan for the Honda won’t arrive until JULY 20TH(!!!), and the RV mechanics are currently working on removing the engine so they can deliver it to CAT in Rancho Bernardo and have them do the diagnosis and repair – no idea how long that will take.

So, to keep ourselves busy, we’ve been helping out with various projects at church. Next week is the huge youth conference, Future Quest, and since we’re in town, of course we’ll be there just like we have for the past 20 years (over 20 for me), even though we were positive last year’s conference was our last, haha.

Future Quest 2021 – apparantly not our last after all!

Who knows when we’ll be on the road again? Certainly not us! But until then, we’ll just be content to take one day at a time, waiting patiently for God to give us the go ahead.

enjoying the peaceful backyard with our little orange friend 🙂

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