top chef 2… fun times!

hanging in the yard with the doggies

For those who are socially-minded, here’s how we spent the last two weeks (yes, we’re still in a holding pattern in San Diego):

  • The pups enjoyed a couple of playdates with their buddies at our fantastic dog trainer’s home (
  • We had some delicious coffee (Rob’s Brewpoint of course) and good conversation with a great friend.
  • We had fun catching up with old friends when we finally attended Foothills’ sister church, the Grove, for the first time.
  • Deron had another exciting poker night with the guys; I had another fun lunch date with my bestie.
  • We enjoyed a few 4th of July fireworks displays from the cul-de-sac where we’re staying.
  • We were both (gladly) put to work on projects at the church.
  • We had great food and tons of fun at a “Top Chef” dinner party.
  • We watched a beautiful moonrise at the drive in and lasted (mostly) through the whole double feature.
  • We crashed a fun home group potluck with sweet friends.

For those who are technically-minded, here are the latest repair updates:

  1. The Honda’s oil pan arrived in country this week and should arrive in El Cajon by mid next week. While they’re replacing the oil pan, they’ll also take care of the last part of the brake repair we’ve been waiting on. We’re hoping to have it back by the end of next week or early the week after.
  2. The RV’s engine block has passed inspection. The new head, however, is cracked, and all the valve seals are leaking. A second new head is expected to arrive by the end of next week; this time they’ll test it prior to reassembling the engine. In the meantime, they are replacing the thermostat on our generator so it will be in tip-top shape. Once the engine is reinstalled and passes all inspections, we’ll drop the RV at a Freightliner repair shop to get the cab A/C and heater serviced so that we’re fully prepared for the hot drive up to Montana as well as the cold weather we’ll be experiencing later in the year.

If all goes well, we hope to be on the road sometime in the beginning of August – however, we have obviously come to realize that this #nomadlife is not always predictable, LOL. So we’ll just make sure we say “farewell San Diego (again)!” when we are actually driving away.

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