turkey in a tree and other wild stuff

the Missouri River – been there, done that 🙂

This week featured some more wildlife – even a turkey in a tree! – and some wet weather.

Wednesday was our last day in Whitefish; we spent the day shopping for souvenirs (in other words, a magnet – I’m a collector, in case you didn’t know, even though most of my collection was stolen from storage last year), and then enjoyed a delicious dinner at Latitude 48° (see pics in the foodie section).

Thursday we took a beautiful drive down to Helena for a couple of days, where I learned lots of interesting information, and feel much smarter as a result. Helena (pronounced HEL-eh-nu rather than hel-AYE-nu) is the capital of Montana, located in Lewis and Clark County, which is named Lewis and Clark because – you guessed it – Lewis and Clark went through the area twice on their expedition. Downtown Helena has lots of historic buildings and sites, including Reeder’s Alley, the oldest intact piece of early Helena; the Cathedral of Saint Helena, built in 1908; and the original governor’s mansion, built in 1888 with 20 rooms and 7 fireplaces.

In addition to touring all the interesting sites in downtown Helena (while braving the rain), we also checked out Lake Helena and the Missouri River (which runs through Helena – who knew? another reason I feel smarter now). We visited Black Sandy State Park and White Sandy Beach at Hauser Lake reservoir, the Hauser Dam, and a section of rock formations on the river that Lewis named “the Gates of the Rocky Mountains.”

This morning we headed to West Yellowstone, where we’ll spend a week visiting – wait for it… Yellowstone! (as well as Grand Teton). We made a brief stop on the way to visit Quake Lake, a lake that was formed in 1959 when an earthquake knocked down the side of the mountain, creating a dam on the Madison River, which promptly filled up the lake. The overlook above the lake features a large memorial rock because, sadly, when the quake hit, the rocks fell onto a campground and killed the 28 people camped there. Seeing the site of such tragedy (the visitor center calls it the “night of terror”), it reminds me that, honestly, you just never know what the future holds… so make sure you’re treating each moment as precious, and make sure you’re sure about the one thing you can be sure of – where eternity will find you when those moments are done.

On a less serious note, upon arrival, we discovered our campground in West Yellowstone is next door to an Imax theater – and we get discount tickets! So maybe we’ll be enjoying a movie sometime this week! You’ll just have to hold your breath until next Saturday to find out.

for the foodies…

restaurant fare

Latitude 48°

grilled beef tips with chard, creamy polenta and chimichurri

asiago stuffed gnocchi with black kale, roasted yams, oyster mushrooms, brown butter sauce, sage and parmesan

elk tenderloin with herb-roasted fingerlings, asparagus, oyster mushrooms and huckleberry demi-glace

housemade almond crème brulee

housemade chocolate peanut butter fudge cake

homecooked goodness

Cold, rainy days = lots of home cooking. Once again, message me here, or contact me via text or email if you need a recipe.

praise & prayer

The last few messages from Foothills Church that we’ve watched online have been really inspiring – reminding us that no matter how much fun we’re having in this #nomadlife, we need to be planted in a community soon – where we can grow in our own faith while helping to minister to others, and where our testimony of all God has brought us through can influence those around us for His kingdom.

On a more personal note, we’d love it if you’d join us in praying for our daughter, Savanah. She experienced a seizure in July that the ER techs could not explain, and has not been able to get in to see a neurologist yet. In the last couple of weeks she’s had two more. We’re praying she’d be able to get an appointment very soon to get some answers, that she won’t experience any more seizures, and that if there is some neurological or physical issue, God would heal her.

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