coming out of retirement

It’s been a crazy few weeks here in San Diego! Our RV is safely parked in the yard of some wonderful friends while we’re temporarily planted once again in our dear friends’ extra house, and Momma Schutz has joined us here as well. I agreed to come “out of retirement” and take on the temporary job I was offered at my former workplace, and so have been putting in lots of hours preparing their annual winter camp. I feel so rusty! But it’s been great fun working with old and new coworkers while I shake the dust out of my brain. Thankfully the students left for the mountains yesterday without too many hitches, so now I can slow down a little.

In addition to hanging out with Mom and the dogs, and making sure the household keeps running (i.e. meals prepared, laundry done, etc.), Deron has taken on some side jobs, so we’re both definitely keeping ourselves busy.

But as we know, “all work and no play makes Jack (and Deron and Allison and Diana) a dull boy,” so we’ve had lots of social time as well. (And so have the dogs – they got to spend three days with their Aunty Em (our amazing dog trainer) and then had a fun group training with Deron and me and several other dogs and owners.)

Our first day in town we had a super fun dinner with my brother and his wife; since then we’ve toured several different Christmas lights exhibits and some Christmas craft shows; we put up a little Christmas tree; enjoyed a couple of church staff Christmas parties, a one-year-old birthday party for sweet little Rose and a 41-year-old birthday dinner for Katherine; and we had several delicious and fun lunches and dinners with friends and family. And we still have a few more engagements planned between now and January 23rd (when we head back up to Washington). I know I say it often, but we are so blessed!

Not many pics to share this time – as we’ve been so intentionally “in the moment” most of the time, but I hope you enjoy what we got!

for the foodies

Buckboard’s BBQ & Brew

clockwise from top left:

“dubba” fried wings
wedge salad
“the tip”
best of buck platter
“OG piggy”


left to right:

filet mignon
short rib quesabirria

Banh Mi Hoi

clockwise from top left:

egg rolls
spring rolls
braised pork sandwich
Hoi An special sandwich
braised pork belly sandwich

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