planting progress

Last time I posted, I shared that we’d taken some important first steps towards planting in the Aberdeen/Hoquiam area.

  1. We found a place to camp in the RV until May 31 – Hoquiam River RV Park– and got ourselves set up to enjoy a few months in the coach. We’ve already experienced our first snow days, plus rain, sleet and hail – an actual winter season – so fun for us So Cal babies! The best bonus is that we’re only three hours away from Hillsboro, OR, where Tori and Savanah live. We were able to meet up with them and their boyfriends for lunch in Astoria, which is about an hour and a half away from all of us. We look forward to many more such meetups!
  1. We started attending Harbor City Church, and took their three-week Equip class to get to know the pastoral staff and to learn about the church, our gifts, and the ministries we can serve in. Next weekend we’re looking forward to attending the welcome luncheon at the senior pastor’s home along with all the other people who’ve completed all three Equip classes.
Super Bowl Sunday special guest speaker at Harbor City Church
  1. We made our first friends in the area – a great couple at Harbor City Church, the Dahlkes – who are also from California and are eerily similar to us in age, length of marriage, previous church and ministry experience, and even likes and hobbies. They’re planning on starting a small group at their home soon, and have invited us to attend.
Evan & Adda Dahlke have been so welcoming!
  1. Deron has a part-time job lined up at Tractor Supply to help enhance our financial picture as we start looking for a house. We’re not sure yet about his hours or pay rate, but it seems like a great fit.
Tractor Supply’s newest sales associate

Once Deron settles into his job, our next step will be to look for a house in earnest. (So far we’ve been taking notes on different places on the market, and refining our “must-have” list, but things go pending so quickly, we’re just depending on God to make sure that the right house shows up at the right time. Our pastor’s wife is fervently praying that we end up in the log cabin-ish home currently for sale across the street from her house 😊… we’ll see!)

praise & prayer

Thank you so much for walking with us through this season! So many of our prayers about planting in a new location have been answered! The last and biggest piece of the puzzle will be an affordable home – we would love it if you’d join us in prayer for the right house at the right time.

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