whoa! more Honda woes

After a great weekend including a poker game, an inspiring message at church, a fabulous Father’s Day dinner at Oyster & Pearl with Deron’s dad and stepmom, and a super fun housewarming dinner, we ran into (literally) another vehicle-related snafu, this time in the Honda. Late Monday night on the freeway, we suddenly saw aContinue reading “whoa! more Honda woes”

family, friends & freeloading 🙄

We spent a couple of VERY HOT days traveling through Arizona, and then dropped off the RV at the mechanic in San Diego on Monday afternoon. After a brief trip to South Mission Beach to enjoy some ocean breezes, we checked into a very run-down and dirty Mission Valley hotel – which totally screwed upContinue reading “family, friends & freeloading 🙄”

TX to NM to AZ in one fell swoop

Friday afternoon we collected and processed all our mail, and Deron was happy to discover he’d received a box of belated birthday cookies from the Chappy kids – how did they know Oreos are his favorite? For my early birthday gift, Deron bought the current season of Top Chef on Amazon Prime, so we’ve beenContinue reading “TX to NM to AZ in one fell swoop”

California, here we come (again)!

As the ongoing oil leak saga continued, we heard from the San Diego mechanic that they felt the Beaumont mechanic was jumping the gun by concluding that we need a new engine, as they hadn’t performed all the testing that would be required to determine that. The San Diego mechanic tried reasoning with Beaumont, andContinue reading “California, here we come (again)!”