celebrating & encapsulating the season

This month in San Diego has been filled with all the things we were hoping for: Christmas celebrations, Christmas food, Christmas fun, Christmas movies, and lots of friends and family time. (In fact, we had so much fun being in the moment(s), we took very few pics – so sorry this post won’t be asContinue reading “celebrating & encapsulating the season”

giving thanks in Chino Valley

After spending a couple uneventful nights in random parts of California (Chowchilla and Needles) we landed in Phoenix Sunday afternoon – later than we anticipated because we had to stop and finally resolve our coolant issue, and because we forgot Arizona is now an hour ahead of California. (AZ doesn’t do daylight savings, in caseContinue reading “giving thanks in Chino Valley”

finding Florence & other Oregon fun

On Friday night we said goodbye to Tori and Jurell, and on foggy Saturday morning we headed out of Portland over bridges, past berry fields and grazing sheep, on mossy tree-lined roads and through tunnels, and made our way to Florence, Oregon. NEWS FLASH!! We LOVE Florence, Oregon! After two quick days of exploring, andContinue reading “finding Florence & other Oregon fun”

coasting up the CA coast

After driving through the first real traffic we’ve experienced in a long time, and spotting a mile-long train full of sad containers going nowhere, we spent Sunday through Tuesday in the Orangeland RV park, in the middle of an orange grove in the city of Orange, in Orange County. (I think they’re attempting some kindContinue reading “coasting up the CA coast”

sandy dunes, snowy peaks, stony homes

We’ve had such an adventurous week! After one quick night in Pueblo, Colorado, we headed to Alamosa with a brief stop on the way at a little coffee shop in Walsenburg for smoothies. Across the street there was a Catholic prayer rally going on – they were praying the rosary for America. How cool! I’dContinue reading “sandy dunes, snowy peaks, stony homes”