all the food, all the fun, all the family

What a fabulous treasure this past week was! We spent three days in San Carlos where Deron’s sister, Stephanie, wined and dined and entertained us in the best way, and then after two days of travel we arrived safely in San Diego yesterday afternoon. Food: Wednesday evening featured four types of homemade pizza – allContinue reading “all the food, all the fun, all the family”

you ought not to be rude to an eagle (Bilbo Baggins)

Now that the cat’s out of the bag and everyone knows where we’re hoping to relocate after we head to San Diego for the holidays, I’ll just post some brief updates on what we’re doing in the interim. This was our last week in Bay Center. We drove around the Aberdeen/Hoquiam area one more timeContinue reading “you ought not to be rude to an eagle (Bilbo Baggins)”

surprise! sorry if I misled you…

So, I may have implied that we’d be heading straight to our potential new home in South Bend, Washington, once we left Boise, but in actuality, we took a small detour from Idaho through Oregon and Nevada to Healdsburg, California, so we could surprise Momma Schutz in wine country for her 80th birthday extravaganza. PleaseContinue reading surprise! sorry if I misled you…

OK, tourist season is over

I know I’m repeating myself, but Sunday’s scenery once again exceeded our expectations – Bryce Canyon National Park, and Red Canyon just outside its borders, are both stunning! It’s so incredible to imagine God breathing those spectacular rock formations into existence! It seems quite appropriate to have a breathtaking place like Bryce Canyon be ourContinue reading “OK, tourist season is over”

a completely different POV

Our travels this week served to remind us how spectacularly creative God is. We visited three more national parks, but their landscapes were so strikingly different from last week’s parks! I’m so glad we bought that national park pass so that we could experience all the views! We’re based in Utah this week, so ourContinue reading “a completely different POV”

turkey in a tree and other wild stuff

This week featured some more wildlife – even a turkey in a tree! – and some wet weather. Wednesday was our last day in Whitefish; we spent the day shopping for souvenirs (in other words, a magnet – I’m a collector, in case you didn’t know, even though most of my collection was stolen fromContinue reading turkey in a tree and other wild stuff