family, friends & freeloading 🙄

We spent a couple of VERY HOT days traveling through Arizona, and then dropped off the RV at the mechanic in San Diego on Monday afternoon. After a brief trip to South Mission Beach to enjoy some ocean breezes, we checked into a very run-down and dirty Mission Valley hotel – which totally screwed upContinue reading “family, friends & freeloading 🙄”

TX to NM to AZ in one fell swoop

Friday afternoon we collected and processed all our mail, and Deron was happy to discover he’d received a box of belated birthday cookies from the Chappy kids – how did they know Oreos are his favorite? For my early birthday gift, Deron bought the current season of Top Chef on Amazon Prime, so we’ve beenContinue reading “TX to NM to AZ in one fell swoop”

California, here we come (again)!

As the ongoing oil leak saga continued, we heard from the San Diego mechanic that they felt the Beaumont mechanic was jumping the gun by concluding that we need a new engine, as they hadn’t performed all the testing that would be required to determine that. The San Diego mechanic tried reasoning with Beaumont, andContinue reading “California, here we come (again)!”

making the best of Beaumont

The first part of this week was filled with ridiculous amounts of Boggle, plus lots of laundry, and hanging out in the park (pretty much daily) with our senior citizen friends. Highlights were receiving a letter from our nephew Britt, attending church on Sunday at Life Vine again (which I’m beginning to appreciate more andContinue reading “making the best of Beaumont”

day trips & dog park rendezvous

Weeeellll, since Deron fulfilled his jury duty on Tuesday without getting selected, we packed up and headed to Beaumont on Wednesday for our oil leak repair….but it turns out the mechanic was ALREADY on vacation! So, our repair has been delayed by a week, and we had to turn around and go back to Livingston.Continue reading “day trips & dog park rendezvous”

taking care of business back in Livingston

We had a fun time riding the Galveston ferry again – this time high up in the coach with a great view! Once we were across, we headed through some interesting scenery (including giant flocks of pelicans flying by, and a crazy bridge that looks like the type I have nightmares about) to Livingston, thisContinue reading “taking care of business back in Livingston”