hill country to gulf coast & all the adventures between

recapping our week of fun! saturday Just before we had to check out of the hotel, we got a call from the Texas mechanic that they’d finished their 3 hours of diagnosis but could not determine the exact location of the oil leak, other than that it was coming from the part of the engineContinue reading “hill country to gulf coast & all the adventures between”

finding fun in Las Cruces & oil in Texas

It’s so fun to be back out and about! Saturday we were still in Benson, AZ, so we decided to explore the nearby town of Bisbee. Years ago (when I was a sophomore in high school), I went on a bicycle tour around the Tucson area, and I vaguely remember riding through Bisbee (notable becauseContinue reading “finding fun in Las Cruces & oil in Texas”

on the road again in 2022

Well, we never anticipated the repairs would take so long – but despite all the first-world problems of slow shipping, inclement weather delays and labor scarcity, after 2.5 months our beast has finally been released from the mechanic! We’ll be starting off this next stage of our journey with an almost brand-new coach: in additionContinue reading “on the road again in 2022”