making the best of Beaumont

checking out the world’s largest working fire hydrant in Beaumont, Texas

The first part of this week was filled with ridiculous amounts of Boggle, plus lots of laundry, and hanging out in the park (pretty much daily) with our senior citizen friends. Highlights were receiving a letter from our nephew Britt, attending church on Sunday at Life Vine again (which I’m beginning to appreciate more and more), cooking and enjoying some more delicious dinners, and taking a rainy, tree-lined road trip to Costco in Humble.

One of the things I love about Life Vine Church is that they’re obviously very community minded. They recently finished building a place called Our Father’s House, where people who are displaced can stay, or those in need can get clothes, groceries, etc. During the crazy freeze in February 2021, they opened up for those without heat to have a place to go. This Sunday, the pastor said that he’d spoken to several other local pastors, and they were all encouraged because everyone had huge attendance on Easter. So they’re looking forward to more and more people in Livingston coming to (or coming back to) the Lord in this next season. He also announced that there’s an all-church worship meeting coming up, including several local denominational and non-denominational churches, with a worship band made up of worship team members from three different churches… very similar to what Foothills does.

On the way to Costco in Humble, we decided to stop at Torchy’s Tacos in Kingwood, so that we could compare their tacos to those we just had at Velvet Taco last week. Deron had the Republican (jalapeno cheddar sausage) and the Democrat (barbacoa) and I had the Tokyo Drifter (teriyaki glazed pulled pork) and the Tipsy Chick (marinated grilled chicken), plus of course, queso. For sure Torchy’s Tacos (and their queso) were much spicier than what we had at Velvet Taco… which, to me, put Torchy’s in second place because my palate got so burnt that I couldn’t taste all the subtle flavors in everything. But we agreed that we’d gladly eat tacos at either place; they both have such unique and delicious selections.

The interesting thing about this Torchy’s location is that during Hurricane Harvey in 2017 the water was 7’ deep! Which is crazy because they are not really near the coast, and the elevation is like 65’, so there was 74’ of floodwater hanging out in that place!

Wednesday we headed down to Beaumont (through a gross swarm of love bugs) and dropped the RV at the mechanic. He took a brief look at the oil leak (and smelled it) and he has a few preliminary guesses, some of which sound pretty dire… here’s hoping he’s wrong and he can just quickly replace some faulty part covered by warranty.

check out all the love bugs stuck to the windshield – after Deron used the wipers twice already!

We checked into the local La Quinta and made ourselves at home, then spent the rest of the week exploring Beaumont: Cattail Marsh (so cool – there’s a boardwalk out onto the marsh), the Crockett Street historic district that’s being updated and transformed into restaurants and clubs, the world’s largest working fire hydrant, and the cute nearby town of Nederland. At some point this morning Deron got a text from the mechanic that the CAT technician wouldn’t be done with his current project until late next week, so we asked if we could pick up the coach and stay in it until then at a nearby park without losing our spot “in line.” They were accommodating, so tomorrow we’ll move back into our home until we get the call.

praise & prayer

As we were sitting in church for the third week in a row, I was contemplating the fact that it didn’t really bother me that we still don’t know anyone. (Not the church’s fault – they have after-church fellowship opportunities every week; but since our dogs are trapped in the RV while we’re there, we jet right out. Plus we’re rarely going to be in Livingston, so there’s not a big urgency to connect.) There were plenty of Sundays at Foothills where I was surrounded by people I’d never met, so a new church doesn’t feel all that different in that respect.

While I was pondering what it would be like to actually have a new home church, and to start making connections, I realized what it is that does bother me. After having attended Foothills since it was small and intimate, and having been on staff there for over 20 years, I know the pastoral staff on a personal level, and they know me. That’s what’s missing when I attend a different church – I’m not just unknown by the congregation, I’m unknown by the pastors. Such a weird feeling!!! I told Deron when we finally settle down and find a home church, I need to have the pastors over for dinner and get to know them.

All that to say, I’m praying that wherever that home church may be, we’ll be able to have that same transparent connection with our pastor that we’ve enjoyed at Foothills.

random obervations

Since our Honda is constantly being dragged behind the beast, it picks up lots of dust and road grime, so we have been frequenting local car washes pretty often. Sometimes we all go (the pups don’t love it, LOL), but usually Deron just stops at a car wash when he’s out and about on his own, and eventually I see the expense show up on the credit card. Which leads me to a fun fact: car washes have really weird names! Maybe it’s always been that way and I just never noticed, but now I’ve started paying attention: Pirate’s Cove, Shiners, Boogies Express, Quick Quack, Blue Wave, Blue Crew, Sparkling Image, Magic Express… Superior Mermaid??? Who chooses these wacky names??

2 thoughts on “making the best of Beaumont

  1. I think you should be intentional about connecting. You initiate the way you can. I like what you’ve said about the church. Do you think they would be interested in getting info about a teen center? Like a Kids Like Us Book.

    Warm Laundry is close to heaven. 7 feet of rain is not.

    Sylvia and I have been to three nights out this week – were skipping the Youth Benefit.

    Three other churches, Grove, Awaken, and Journey are joining our class action suit against the State and Tiffany is moving forward with her appeal.

    The adventure (on both sides) continues! It’s Baptism Day!!!!


    1. Hey good thought about seeing if Life Vine might want info about a youth center. Next time we’re in Livingston I’ll see what I can find out. It seems weird to try to get connected there and then be like “ok, I’ll see you in a year or so next time I’m in town.” But I’ll work on it 🙂
      Good news about the class action suit!
      Miss you guys. Hope the benefit is amazing even though you’re not there.


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