family, friends & freeloading 🙄

Deron & the pups enjoying our new digs

We spent a couple of VERY HOT days traveling through Arizona, and then dropped off the RV at the mechanic in San Diego on Monday afternoon. After a brief trip to South Mission Beach to enjoy some ocean breezes, we checked into a very run-down and dirty Mission Valley hotel – which totally screwed up our current “always stay at La Quinta” theory. Thankfully, we only had to endure three nights there, as some very sweet, generous friends invited us to stay at a house they own in El Cajon. So we’re enjoying the peaceful comfort of a comfy bed and home-cooked meals while we wait for our coach.

About the coach – so far all we’ve heard is that when they opened up the engine compartment, they discovered that the Texas mechanics had left a flashlight sitting on the muffler, which had melted and almost caught fire (thank you, God for protecting us yet again!), and that they haven’t been able to recreate the oil leak yet.

So far in San Diego we’ve enjoyed dinner out with my brother and his wife, a fun belated birthday celebration for me courtesy of my nieces and nephews (with rad gifts including a peppa pig, two paper airplanes, a colored-in coloring book, and a dried fruit and nuts charcuterie board accompaniment), a double feature at the drive in with the pups sleeping in the backseat, and a fun-filled day with good friends including lunch in Cardiff and shopping at the Fair. We’re looking forward to church tomorrow and hanging with lots of different friends next week. More news about the RV should be forthcoming in next Friday’s blog post.

One thought on “family, friends & freeloading 🙄

  1. Note to self: always check under the hood after leaving a mechanic!

    Truly a nightmare! I’m thinking if I were you, I’d throw a dart at the map and find a place to live. (Considering only good neighborhoods or places with land where you can protect yourselves).

    Sorry you are having so much mechanical trouble!

    Stephanie 310-409-3322


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