it’s really happening!

Just a quick update for those who are curious…

This year’s winter has been a little trying – even though we’re in coastal Washington, it’s still colder than we’d expected for longer than we’d expected, and navigating that cold while living in an RV is a little difficult. But we’re making do, enjoying the views, and excited to see the beauty of spring in the PNW.

In bigger news, Deron is almost finished training at Tractor Supply, and really enjoying it. Harbor City Church has welcomed us with open arms – I enjoyed the quarterly women’s breakfast so much, and we both really loved the newcomers’ lunch at our pastor’s home, and having breakfast with Pastor Doug the next day at The Jitter House coffee shop.

In the biggest news, house hunting with the amazing Kavita has paid off, and we’re currently under contract for a beautiful home in Cosmopolis! It seems like a perfect fit; it’s still close to church but a bit closer than we are now to Deron’s work and to Olympia (where we go once or twice a month to hit up Costco, Trader Joe’s and other “metropolitan” stuff). It has a second master bedroom with a little kitchenette, so we’ll be all set up for visitors. And this will probably be the easiest move we’ve ever experienced, since we’ll just park our current home in the driveway of our new home and unload at our leisure. Plus, we don’t have nearly as much to move!

We’d love it if you’d join us in prayer for all the house-buying things that need to fall into place… our inspection is scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday), and then there’s the appraisal, etc. Escrow is scheduled to close on April 13 – which isn’t that far away! We’ll need to buy some furniture pretty quickly (since we have none), and then head to San Diego one last (?) time to empty our storage unit – which will require Deron to have permission for some time off, and a trustworthy dog-sitter to take care of the pups while we’re gone.

Obviously we’ve experienced LOTS of adjustments during the last couple of years – from saying goodbye to friends and family and the only hometown we’ve known, to living in a tiny space, to moving from place to place, to figuring out breakdowns and break-ins, to experiencing actual weather – but we’re still joyful, thankful and excited to see what’s next.

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