all the food, all the fun, all the family

What a fabulous treasure this past week was! We spent three days in San Carlos where Deron’s sister, Stephanie, wined and dined and entertained us in the best way, and then after two days of travel we arrived safely in San Diego yesterday afternoon.

Food: Wednesday evening featured four types of homemade pizza – all of them amazing; Thursday morning we indulged in bagels and lox with all the fixings; and of course Thursday’s Thanksgiving dinner was to die for: a traditional Italian fava bean puree appetizer; a delicious heritage turkey; Momma Schutz’s authentic lasagna; a beet, brussels sprouts and pear salad; cream-cheese stuffed pumpkin rolls; spicy Italian sausage stuffing; sweet potato and parmesan stacks; and for dessert, mascarpone cheesecake with cherry sauce and ice cream-filled pumpkin roulade. On Friday, we ate dinner out at a local Burmese restaurant, Rangoon Ruby. The delicious food was served family style, so we all shared the traditional tea leaf salad, salt and pepper calamari, Burmese pad Thai, basil beef, Rangoon special shrimp curry, and lamb kebat, plus the Burmese version of Thai tea.

Fun: In addition to enjoying the spectacular weather (and view), we cracked up watching the antics of four crazy dogs and had ridiculous fun playing several different trivia type games over the three days. On Friday, Deron’s mom treated us to a tour of the Filoli Historic House and Gardens – oh my gosh the whole place is so beautiful… but the hydrangeas!!!! Don’t miss the pics of those! Filoli is considered to be one of the finest remaining country estates of the 20th century, featuring a 54,000+ square-foot Georgian revival-style mansion, 16 acres of exquisite English Renaissance gardens, a 6.8-acre gentleman’s orchard, and hundreds of acres of natural lands with 5 distinct ecosystems and a 1-mile estate trail.

Family: Though we all just saw each other a month ago for Diana’s birthday, it was so sweet to be together again: Deron and I, plus Deron’s mom, Diana; his sister, Stephanie; Stephanie’s husband, Greg, and her two children, Fernando and Danielle.

NOTE: Much photo credit to Stephanie and Diana (we were air dropping each other photos like crazy to the point where I can’t remember who took which photos) plus Deron, as always.

food & family

family & fun

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